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   The United Inventor Network is a Free Inventor Forum made up of inventors, for inventors, and by inventors. It is a private group of concerned inventors that wanted an open forum available for inventors to discover who the best invention companies with invention services were and who were the worst to deal with through actual experience with those companies.

   There are many invention services companies and inventor services companies that are more than happy to take an inventors money and not produce much of anything and in some cases nothing at all. In contrast there are some inventor help companies that are the best invention companies and are highly rated with no complaints and have positive invention company reviews. There are others that have low ratings with many complaints and if you do some research you will find that information for yourself. There are things you should ask these companies and they are on the “Be Careful Out There” page.

   Some of the keywords you can use with your search is invention company scams, best invention companies, best inventor companies, invention company reviews, best invention submission companies, best invention promotion companies, and best invention services companies. As far as we can see these are the best keywords that can get you the information you need to make a decision as to who to call. You can find other reviews on the internet from the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, and other inventor forums such as inventors.about.com, Yahoo Answers, Entrepreneur.com and others.

   What we are creating is a truly open and honest forum that has Invention Company Reviews from real inventors that have had business dealings with one of these companies and has had a positive or negative experience. We have made it very easy and simple to post a review so that more inventors will take the opportunity to do so. The review is designed to name the invention company, create a title for the review, and write your own honest review.

   We urge everyone to not use outwardly slanderous comments with no real evidence. If it is true then you should say it. Please no swearing, cruel statements, and no hate. Just write what actually happened to you. People want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. You will have the opportunity to score your company with up to 5 stars or no stars at all. The best invention services would get the 5 stars and the worst would get none.

   We also have some very good information by some successful inventors and business people that will help you “How to Begin As An Inventor” on that page. Our goal is to establish who the best invention companies and the best invention services are and who inventors should stay away from because of experience with that company.

“All inventor reviews are reviewed and approved by our staff prior to the actual posting of the review”

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