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Buyer Beware is an old adage but it is just as viable today and probably more so. There are plenty of companies that claim to help inventors and do nothing more that take your money and never contact you again. We have seen this for 30 years now and we still cannot believe that inventors will fall for their promises and the false praise they give you for how great your idea is and how much money you can make from it.

All of the sales pitch is to fill you full of hope so that you will pay them from $8,000 to $15,000 to do the patent work and introduce your invention to manufactures and distributors and in many cases they want a percentage of your royalty. The percentage of the royalty is their greatest close because it is saying to you that there is a good chance it will make some money and you can cash in. They really appeal to a person’s greed factor. Sorry everyone but that is what the sales pitch is all about.

The best invention companies actually want to help you and make a few bucks in return. There is nothing wrong with that and those are the invention services companies you should pay more attention to. You have to be very careful out there and I know you know this but how do you know this when you are actually talking to an invention services company.

When talking to a company you must ask them for a signed confidentiality agreement. Any company will do that for you because that is logical to begin a conversation. After that you will give them information about your invention. This is natural for any invention services company for those first two parts of the process.

However after that there are different pitches companies will give you and that is what we want to talk about. There are sales pitches that appeal to your greed or to your hope that your invention idea is the greatest idea since sliced bread. If you think that all of it sounds too good to be true then you have to know that it is too good to be true. Seen it – done it – been there. Any company that tells you they will introduce your invention to companies after they charge you large amounts of money and may or may not want a percentage of your royalty you need to know that it will not happen. The percentage of success is about .0001% as we told you on another page on this website. This is public knowledge and was required from the Federal Trade Commission after some of these companies were sued huge amounts of money and were forced to pay people back and then changed their company name. We are not mentioning these invention services company names purposely because we do not need to. All you have to do is do some searching on the internet and you will find them.

If you use search terms such as best invention companies, invention company scams, invention company reviews, best invention submission companies, best invention promotion companies, and best invention services companies you will see many articles regarding these companies. One of the best ways to find out about an invention services company is to search the Better Business Bureau / with the companies name in the search. You will find it and if you don’t it means they do not have a rating from the BBB. If they do have a rating then you have to look down the website to customer complaints and customer reviews. As an example we have seen companies that show an A-Rating yet have 30 to 100 complaints and have not resolved most of those complaints. Just because a company has an A-Rating does not mean they are a company to do business with.

Some people do not put much store in the Better Business Bureau but we can tell you that it is a pretty accurate business rating service. Even if a company is not an accredited business when people do make a complaint it does make it on the Better Business Bureau. However sometimes you will not see it on the website so you have to CALL them and ask for a review of that business. They will give it to you if you call and ask. Just like the old saying….if you want something…you have to ask for it.

When looking to the Better Business Bureau for information on an invention services company make sure you also look at the customer reviews. If they are negative then that is an obvious reason to not do business with that company. If they are positive and there are quite a few of them then that business is worth talking to. The age of the company is also an important factor. If the company cannot truly verify their age then you must be skeptical of their honesty. If a company is one year old they may be an honest invention services company but they don’t have the track record to see how their clients have done with their inventions. They may be an honest company though and that is something you will have to make a decision on.

If a company is five years or older then they have a track record that you can ask about. Other factors are do they have real testimonials from clients over the years? Do they have any references, although many people do not want to be contacted from other people so sometimes that is not the best way to get information? Do they have information as to how many of their clients have seen success or are happy with what they received from the company?

In our experience the best invention companies out there are those that have solid success stories, high rating with the BBB with positive customer reviews. Charge low cost fees and provide a quality presentation with manufacturing or distribution leads so that you can market your invention yourself. That is the most reliable method we have seen that works the best. If an invention services company is real they should also have positive reviews out on the internet. There are good companies out there so make the best decision you can.

“Please take your time with your research and think about it before you make a decision”