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United Inventor Network
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by Mark Summers on United Inventor Network

I had to put 1 star to post this but I rate them as a 0 star. Davison charged me about $12 K and I have never seen anything happen with my invention over the last 2 years. Very disappointing and it cost me so much money. I am now working with the Mars Rising Network and we are moving forward. I wish I would have called them first but they are priced better and they have a much better program. Check them out for sure.

by Greg Shoemaker on United Inventor Network
Scams WPM

I had a very bad experience with World Patent Marketing. They are now out of business so they cannot hurt anyone else however the damage they caused me and hundreds of other people was huge. They have been sued for more than 30 million dollars and we will not see a dime of that. Be very careful when you talk to anyone about your invention and make sure to check their history. I wish I had done that and stayed away from them. Moral to the story is be careful and verify who you are talking to.

by Brent Manigan on United Inventor Network
Great Experience

I called the Mars Rising Network after seeing the top notch reviews. They were incredibly helpful and guided me through the whole process. They even helped me negotiate my licensing deal with a furniture manufacture. I have to recommend them to everyone who has an idea and wants to make it successful. Thanks MRN

by John Vilardi on United Inventor Network
Inventor Angels

Review: Amazing experience with these guys. I had a product idea literally sitting on a shelf for years gathering dust. Glen and his team saw the value of it right away and started looking for companies to license it to. In less than two months I had a deal. It was unbelievable! The product is now on Amazon and it also just won an award at one of the shows. Expecting my first royalty check this month. What more can I say!

This review is NOT verified making the claims as it has. However it is being posted because the company has been posted prior.

by Theresa Pursell on United Inventor Network
Mars Rising

I found Mars Rising while doing a search.So HAPPY I did.I had an invention that I had been wanting to get out but couldnt afford the other company.Mars Rising is very affordable, and the cooperation from all involved is Great! I couldnt be happier.I tried Invent Help only to pay a few thousand to only wind up with a book for introduction.The next stage amount was absurd and they take a percentage.Mars Rising is a blessing.The designer I felt like was in my head! We got it down pat in no time and even came up with improvement.Everyone involved ,very helpful.They keep late hours and keep up with you.I have my provisional patent,website,Utube video, and in just a few months. I am now searching for manufacturing.I love this company.I had sat on it for years cause I just didnt know where to go.Who was trustworthy. Invent help made me scared but not enough to give up.So,so happy I found Mars Rising Network!

by Semor David Tofte on United Inventor Network
Extremely pleased!

My husband and I came to the Mars Rising Network in an unusual way. He had received a utility patent for an automotive maintenance tool using the excellent services of the Integrity Patent Group and began a search for marketing tools. After we found out that the people who prepared his patent application were associated with MRN, we immediately signed on. Our hunch that honest, competent folks tend to stick together was spot on and we couldn't be happier with the whole experience. The product is an Oil Filter Wrench/Drain Tool and details can be found at

by Elicia Brown on United Inventor Network

I engaged inventhelp to promote my invention. After much research, they assured me I had a great idea (which I already knew), and I signed a contract for $10,000 for their assistance. I already had a "Poor Man's Copywrite" because patents are so expensive and they informed me that my idea was not a new invention but an improved version of an existing invention. I had the contract financed. The work they did may have been almost equivalent to the down payment but definitely not $10,000. After two years of their "Submission" process, which is to forward my idea to companies in their database, there have been no results. I told them they are targeting the wrong market. The asked me who I wanted the idea sent to. They mailed it out but there was no confirmation that anything was even received. In 2014, I contacted the biggest marketer of my idea who told me they were not accepting new ideas. So I went back to Inventhelp and asked them to contact this company because maybe they didn't want to do business with a "nobody." Over one year later, I saw my idea advertised on TV! I kept telling Inventhelp, they were not representing my product properly or with any kind of zeal. That they were not taking my idea seriously--even after showing the tremendous market available. I feel so violated. I feel like somehow, the company on TV got my idea from possibly Inventhelp. After all of these years. By the way, my copywrite was submitted in 2008. I engaged Inventhelp in 2012. I recently started missing payments because I am on disability and was very sick in the hospital a year ago. Trying to get caught up but I don't feel they deserve one more dime. Also, Inventhelp wrote and told me if I manufactured a small supply of my products, they would help me promote it at no extra charge. Really??? When I first started with them and offered to send a prototype, they said they didn't need any more that their office was full of prototypes. My heart is so broken. I can not even sleep at night or concentrate for feeling so violated. This is MY dream!!! MY idea!!! and now I have to see someone else promoting it on TV? Not one company but two. Two very large companies in the industry. I don't even know what else to say or where to turn. I went to a lawyer who said there wasn't much I can do. Really!!!! This was my idea for many years. Something is wrong with this picture. If you have an invention, better to take a chance and make a prototype and take it around yourself. Your idea is your passion and worth every effort. Now I have to start all over and don't know where to begin. But begin I will! . And, I am not giving them ONE MORE DIME because I need my funds to start all over!!! Nothing but tears!

by Frank Shipley on United Inventor Network

I had an idea for a product and contacted Idea Design Studio. They`ve got some silver tongued salesmen that convinced me they`d lead me in the right direction. After collecting nearly $4000 from me, they drew up a generic design that I could done myself, and gave it a description that I provided for them, only to find out that there are already several patents on my idea, and it`s already in production. They don`t care. They`ve got my money STAY AWAY !

by Robert Huffman on United Inventor Network

This is a fake blog:
I am the inventor of the Hot / Cold therapy brace. I am aware that all these websites online are here to put down certain companies by their competitors. I had Davison build my product and present it to a company with an end result of a licensing agreement. I recommend Davison because of how many products that have actually brought to market.

Robert Huffman

In Response: This is a real blog from real inventors......we are posting this blog because of that......if you have a positive experience with any company it will be published and thank you for the review posting.

by Adam Raulerson on United Inventor Network

Yeah, I used InventHelp a few years ago when I was young and dumb and didn't know any better. I gave them the $$ they requested to have my idea patented and basically, a few years have passed and I was never helped at all and I was out of all of my hard earned $$$. These "SCAM Artists" treated me as though they were helping me get my "idea" out there when in fact, absolutely nothing and I mean nothing ever came from it and nor was I ever contacted. I was told many times over that my idea and created website was shown to "MANY Companies" with no success. Now my provisional patent has expired and guess what??? My exact idea is now being sold as an "As Seen on TV" item that just recently aired. Yeah talk about having a million dollar idea being stole and sold just as soon as the patent expired. Well anyways the new product is being sold as the "Smart Swab" for cleaning your ears safely and effectively, but my invention was called the "Screw-Tip" instead of the "Q-tip" and the exact information on "How to Use" was created by me. Needless to say, this company robs individuals of their hard earned money and then waits for you to not be able to pay the outrageous prices for a design or utility patent to make your invention idea a reality, so once your "provisional patent" expires....they sell your idea to the highest paying company... I put a lot of time and effort into my invention just as everyone else who thinks their idea is the best, just to be swindled by a company who takes your $$ and waits, so they can then justify selling your idea by saying, "Well, you had the chance to pay for a design or utility patent" only after they take all your money and leave you with empty dreams! In short, please don't ever trust this company with any of your ideas! Especially those of you, like me, who don't have the capital to get it up and going in the first place. Do your research and please take my word and avoid this company and their empty promises!!! And if the person or company would like to make a few safety adjustments to the idea that was sold to you by this company please e-mail me at: There is a huge safety concern you guys have not even realized with the design you have released and you have set yourself up for a lawsuit by forgetting this one very intricate detail! Believe me, you'll definitely want to know this about the product you have created from my idea! I've done more trials runs on this product than you could ever imagine. Please contact me if you ever see this? I don't want my idea to hurt people and the way it is being sold....its just a matter of time!!!

by Frank Shipley on United Inventor Network

After getting to the correct person at Idea Design Studio, We reached an agreement and was given a full refund. I retract all negative things I said about the company.

by Randy Riggs on United Inventor Network
The Mars Rising Network

They are very professional, precise and efficient. I contacted them and in a couple of months I had a complete marketing packet ready which included design work, patent filed, 3D drawings,  brochure, a 3D video, website, internet marketing and a huge list of companies for me to pitch my product to. Overall a great experience!!

by Brandon Bird on United Inventor Network
Inventor Angles Rocks!

An awesome company in a very sketchy industry. Inventor Angels performed so well I cannot put it into words, and for a fair and reasonable price. They took the idea out of my head and turned it into a sell sheet, Ideation sheet, and CAD that just got me a second meeting with the biggest company in my category. Not too mention Glen literally spent hours on the phone with me and responded to hundreds of emails, his patience was incredible for a rookie like me. If you are considering and invention help company or even a graphic arts company do yourself a favor and contact these guys. They have integrity and truly care about their clients, and all for a very fair price, no second mortgage to get this done lol. I am so glad I stumbled on to these guys it saved me thousands of dollars and the experience was incredible, I felt like they genuinely cared every step of the way.

by Mark Castle on United Inventor Network
Invent help

My name is Mark and I have read some of the reviews and most of them are bad. I used Invent Help for my invention and have to say I had a very good experience with them. Yes you have to spend money but I was able to get my patent this past November and yes they promoted my product and also mad a video presentation of my product. I spent 12,000.00 dollars. I was published in their hard copy of their inventors publication they did a media blitz all over the country and sent my product information to over 400 companies. I have several deals pending so I can't mention who they are at this time due to contract obligations. I sad to see that others have had a hard time. The time frame material they gave me was exactly how long it took from the time I sat down with them. It took less than 36 months total and when I got patent pending to patent about 6 months in that same time line. My invention like others is a so called better mouse trap but unique in it's own way therefore I was granted my patent. At the beginning they did a patent search and there was no other product out there like mine - but that doesn't mean someone else didn't have their idea in patent pending. So I took a chance and went forward and am glad I did.

by Renee Cathcart on United Inventor Network
No money, no help from anyone 🙁

I feel like I have researched invention companies until I'm blue in the face! Unfortunately, when you don't have thousands on hand to plunk down, NO ONE even wants to listen to your idea 🙁 All these companies talk a good game until it comes to how much they want up front to help. Isn't there anyone anywhere out there who would listen to your pitch and maybe help without draining all your finances???

by Michael Thurn on United Inventor Network
Invention Development Services

Many companies offer services to inventors. Most of these companies offer licensing or marketing related services and have bad ratings. For inventors who need development services I recommend Aiello Designs. This company takes invention ideas and creates real, working prototypes that can be brought to production. Justin did an amazing job of developing my pet invention into a beautiful and functional product that I will be selling to the world soon.

by james gilstrap on United Inventor Network

i just want to thank you. your website has been the best time i have spent in a long time. again thank you. james gilstrap

by Bela POnyi on United Inventor Network

If I could give a 0, I would. and along with Davison are scams. Well at least Davison gave me my money back but I wasn't so lucky with Invents. I took 10,000 out my 401K thinking It was going as planned. They sell this pitch by giving your a beautify 3d layout of your product, They also create a website and send you a book all about your product, and that's about it. I could have had that done by a high school student for less than 3000.00- They was suppose to send my ideal out to manufactures and its been 5 years now. Thanks to them, I had to file Chapter 7. Almost lost my house because I took that risk of using my 10,000. They never contacted me back with any updates

by William Sutherland on United Inventor Network
Very Good Products and Services

I found this company to be honest and credible. Their customer service is great and I am nothing but pleased with all the work they did for me and I look forward in seeing successes with my new invention. Thanks to all at the Mars Rising Network.

by Nicole zappi on United Inventor Network
Invent Help

If I can give this company Invent Help a -0 review I would, we went through this company a year ago with our invention and the gentleman in new Jersey assured us that no1 had the same invention as us, after a $3,000 down and another $2,000 over the past few months we read in the news paper that Apple has the exact same invention as us AND on a late night commercial another company was also being advertised with the same invention as us. The companys invent help go through are all small companies that NONE has heard of when we were also assured that major companies will look in2 our product. Do yourself a favor DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH INVENT HELP!!!!! They are nothing but a scam!!!!!!Invent Help

by Antoine Lacy on United Inventor Network

this company calls you on a regular basis but once they get your money you don't hear from them. they are a complete rid off, don't brother with this company all if you trying to get your invention off the ground. Please stay away from Davidson Invention they just going to rip you off period.

by Chibiko Onyeukwu on United Inventor Network
Great Company

My contact with Mars Rising Network was rather providential. I had almost called it quits when I remembered that quitters never win and winners never quit. The first Company I approached with my Idea scared the daylight out of me. They said to me that no computer in the market could work with my Invention. The second Company easily gulped my $6000 and had nothing to show me after two years. I remember that afternoon like my palm. I had read on the Internet many reviews proffered by Inventors on Mars Rising Network. None was negative. I called them and their response was swift. Good things, they say, come to those who wait. The Company has Honesty, Integrity and a large Turnover. Any would be Inventor who wants to succeed should contact this Company. They would see for themselves what I mean.

by William Sherbakov on United Inventor Network
Excellent Service

I found the Mars Rising Network because of this blog. I saw their great reviews on the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs after I saw them here and submitted my idea and they called me right away. I signed up for their complete program for a better price than anyone else and everything they said they would do they did and even more than I expected. I also did a prototype with them and it turned out better than I imagined. They are the real deal and I will continue to work them in the future as I am working on getting my product into the market. I highly recommend them for all serious inventors. Thank you so much.

by Russ Winchester on United Inventor Network

I could write a long detailed opinion regarding Idea Buyers llc Based in Columbus Ohio, I think!

There corporate address listed on there web page is a UPS store, Other addresses I have resurched with google earth have turned out to be other retail location's Home Depot, Lowes, and others.

When I first started the process in Oct, 2015 found no complaints about Idea Buyers LLC ,Because of my growing concern's with the company I resurched again and found the posted complaints starting May, 2016

The pictures of offices of Idea Buyers web site are just empty, almost look computer generated .

I called a number and spoke with a lady “ vary nice I must say”somewhere in Florida.

Could continue with issues about Idea Buyers LLC, But would rec amend Checking out

the Ohio BBB. ( The complaints are almost a carbon copy of what I'm going through.

by Shawn Clark on United Inventor Network

My name is Shawn and I had what I thought was a great invention and decided to go with Davison. Was dealing with a guy who was in contact with me all the time up until they got my $12,000 and then when nothing happened I would have to call them because they just stopped calling me. When i finally got a hold of them they assured me that they were working on it and said that for money I should thing about having them shoot like an infomercial because it would look better while they would send the idea to companies to look at the product. Did that and still nothing, this company is a complete rip off and once they have your money, they don't care, very poor way to do business. Now that being said I am sure that they will come back saying that I signed something stating that not all idea's would make it into stores, which is perfectly fine and I can understand the risk, what ticks me off is they assured me they would work hard and do everything they could for me. I don't know about you but to me that would mean for you to stay in contact with your client that just invested over $15,000 at this point, but I have not heard a damn thing from them in over a year. POOR POOR business, if your looking to get ripped off and just throw your hard earned money away then Davison is your answer!!!

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